Wavy (UI/UX)

by Osub Lee, Jaeyong Sung, Henry Song 

Role: User experience designer


Wavy is a friendly mobile budget planning application that keeps the users accountable with his/her monthly spending.

Wavy is informed with user's monthly budget, and divides it according to the number of each month to set up the daily budget.


Problem & Solution

The problem with other financial management mobile app is that they have too many features that users doesn't use.

What if financial management assisted the users to be more accountable with their spend habits, with minimum texts, colors, and movements? 



IMG_9244 2.jpg

During the process phase, we continually shaped the core function of the app to be simple and prevent from resembling other banking apps' additional functions. The challenge for us was the process of taking out any useless features that could ruin our philosophy.


Mental Model

While development of our financial app, we found that some people use the same methodology, which is dividing the monthly budget into the days of the month. It was also interesting to see these 'monthly money calendar,' which resembled our concept


Past Iterations

As the surface design, we've done different variations of visual languages. Among these iterations, we tried to look for something that was simple and flat.






Final Surface Design

Main Page

The main page shows the wave inside your screen which works as a visual indicator that simply shows your budget left for the day. Moreover, the color of the screen changes as it gets flushed down for each spending

Monthly & Weekly Page

On weekly and monthly summary page, users can see their spending pattern for the past, where they went over their budget and where they saved, so that they can be more mindful of how they spend for today and tomorrow.







Transaction Page

Users can access the transaction page simply by swiping up. Users can see the list of transactions and total amount of transaction they made for each day.


Additional Features

For extra features, users can decide either to continue with their previous monthly budget, but if their last budget amount was too little or too much, they have the control to change it. By default, Wavy notifies users every time money is taken out of their linked bank account along with how much of your daily budget is left after the spending.