Rentson is a task-request business, which its heart is at creating a healthy community by connecting elders and youngsters in the area. In the Spring of 2019, I had an opportunity to design an application version of Rentson’s existing website with other designers.


Prototyping & Testing
User Interview
Visual & Motion Design


Jaeyong Sung
Bianca Galán-Guzmán
Jenice Kim
Osub Lee


3 Months, March - May 2019

Hoppin is a design exploration that started out from my curiosity: what would be the equivalent experience of the Uber pool when it comes to ordering delivery food.

the current state

Rentson is a task-request business based in Providence, RI  where it receives requests through their website.

Our main task was to create an app design that reflected how people requested their task through the current website.

Rentsons offers six different tasks

Customers have to input detailed task request in order to submit a task

Customers need to input their personal info every time they request a task

Currently, customers have to go through very lengthy form in order to submit their task for a review

existing wireframe

Thankfully, my client have worked on the basic wireframe of the app for us to reference.

With the existing wireframe, we started critiquing the layout while adding improvements.

Design Requests

There were several objectives that the client asked us to have in mind while designing the app. We’ve talked through several goals of my client and his business to improve this new product.

1. Social Feature

My client wanted a social feature in this app because he hoped it would create a healthier local community within who uses this app. He didn’t wanted this app to be just a tool for people to request tasks.

However, we’ve scaled down the social feature due to concerns about people privacy issue and thinking holistically how hard it is to maintain and run the social feature.

2. Hastle-free task request flow

All the services that Rentsons provides needed a handful of informations in order to review and accept the requests from their users. The client informed us that there were several instances that his workers had to work overtime because of a lack of information they received in order to estimate the correct work time.

We’ve implemented a step-by-step request flow to create an hastle-free experience for users to
request a task.

3. Maintaining the “Blue” color

Currently Rentsons was using a very neon-blue color and the client requested that he wanted it keep the color because he was afraid to shift the brand image that he built over 3 years of the business.

We’ve changed the color to more toned-down blue. Just because we wanted the business and product to be more trustworthy and safe for users to request to do their jobs. Also, we’ve suggested different name variation, so it would be easier for users to verbify the product.

After analyzing the website and wireframe, we’ve made multiple iterations and modifications which lead us to the final design of Rentson

product deck

Job Selection Screen

The first screen that user sees after clicking a 'Rent' button from the home page.

Thanks for taking your time to check out my project.

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