ODD is a set of desk organizers which are designed to evoke people’s creativity by its appearance and usage.


ODD is a study of how messiness and chaos would promote people to be more creative.  It utilizes used materials such as plastic straws and old magazines into a useful, yet odd desktop organizers for people to use on their desks.

From my past creative internship, I worked at a very nice and clean office. Which was very nice and comforting, but I felt something was little off. I wish there was something that could help people who worked at a white glossy desk to evoke more creativeness. That’s what started ODD desktop organizers.


Prototyping & Testing
User Interview
3D Modeling
Physical Making


2 Months, Fall 2019


In the beginning, I started with a theme called: “Controllable Chaos.” Unlike making a practical looking desktop organizers, I was playing with unusual forms and structures for unpracticality.

With these initial sketches I continued making physical prototypes to test the feeling of using them as a desk organizers.

physical prototypes
first iterations

While doing these form studies, I’ve continued doing my research on what causes creativity in people.

After going through some research papers, I’ve found out that irregularity in one’s environment could help people on thinking something that’s out of box.

I was like, “Hmm, irregularity?” and that was when 
I started going around collecting used papers from libraries and used straws from cafes.

2nd iteration

In this second iterations, I was trying to find a way to utilize
used materials into a functional forms to be a desktop organizers.

2nd form iteration

At this phase, I was exploring how to create an interesting form and useful desktop organizer with the set of used straws, papers, and concretes

more making...

With a set concept of using used straws and papers,
I continued iterating for the right design.

Form study with tons of straws

This iteration was super hard to put a single pencil or paper in between seams of straws.

With less straws, it got easier to insert pen and pencils.

Found more used papers and cut them into a set dimension for casting.

i proudly present...


Products from ODD are targeted towards people who does not need a typical desk organizers but appreciates the story of the product as well as its uniqueness

Most of the desk organizers focuses in helping people to be
tidy and clean

But, there are no desk organizers that promotes creativity

creativity is well stimulated when people are in a space
with unexpected objects

thrown away materials
to be more functional