Hoppin is a design exploration that started out from my curiosity: what would be the equivalent experience of the Uber pool when it comes to ordering delivery food.


Hoppin is a new concept of food delivery app that focuses on co-ordering with your neighbors. The main challenge of this design exercise was to create a suitable experience for people to share a courier with neighbors


Prototyping & Testing
User Interview
Visual & Motion Design


5 Days, March 2019


Thanks to all the different food delivery services like Uber Eats and Door dash, I can now order food from almost any restaurants whenever I want. However, this convenience comes with a cost. Like, literally.

Whenever I see the final cost of my order, including service fees, delivery fees, and tips, I can’t help to think to myself that I could’ve gotten a really nice meal off of a grocery shopping with this type of money.

One day, looking at the spiked up delivery fee got me wishing if there was someone who lived in my apartment that was hungry enough to split up the delivery fee with me.

problem space

How Might We Create An Opportunity for Courier Sharing Experience?

Design solution

1. Shared Ordering Feature

Users could either create or join carts to split the bill with the nearby neighbors. Just how you would share a Uber pool with others.

2. Ring My Bell Feature

If user does not have a specific choice that they want to eat, they can wait until someone creates a cart so they could join without risking to pay the full service fee by him/her self.

The user demographics of Hoppin need to be people who live in a place where it has a high population density percentage, which could be places like cities or college towns.

how to use hoppin

There are three ways to order from Hoppin.

the first way

Swipe through the main screen
 to see if you like to join other’s cart

You’re hungry but not sure what to eat and also wants to save some bucks on delivery fee? Join others from the landing screen of Hoppin

the second way

Set notification to interested restaurants

Users can ring a bell on multiple restaurants they are interested. They can set how long they would wait until other users with higher interest would confirm and purchase the order

the third way

Just like how you would order a meal from any other delivery apps

People who choose this method would have a strong preference on what restaurant they want to order from. It is totally optional for these users to not notify other neighbors to split the bill

How it works

Different user types in Hoppin

There are two different user types in HOPPIN which are differentiated by their level of interest on restaurants

Difference between two roles


You know that time when you’re craving a specific cuisine? Those people are Announcers. They are only interested in one or two restaurants. Because they know what they want, they’re also wiling to pay for the delivery fee.


Bell-ringers are users whose priority is the discounted delivery fee. They do not have any preferences on restaurants and willing to try new thing if they receive the discount on the delivery fee.

Discount Count-Down Clock

Discount Count-Down Clock from the Landing page resets every 5 minutes to refresh new list of restaurant orders that has at least a one user who already have purchased any items.

This is a convenient way to select a restaurant for users in a hurry. This is because any restaurants from this carousel is a guaranteed discounts of a delivery fee.

The Clock starts at every five minutes.
Ex. 06:00PM, 06:05PM, 06:10PM,... etc

Edge case examples

1. When you don't know what to have for your late night snack

User A does not know what to order for his late night snack. He sets notificaitons to 5 restaurants and waits until someone starts the order.

2. Every people who joins the cart gets minimum of 5 minutes to decide what to order.

User A was not able to find he liked from the announcement page, so she just orders from her favorite restaurant. She purchases the order and notifies neighbors to join her.

3. When two users sets a notification on two restaurants which no one have created a cart

User X and User Y both have selected a notification to a same restaurant, which doesn’t have any Announcers.

Next steps

If given more time,

I’d like to think more about:

Reflecting the current landscape of delivery business.

Currently, most of the delivery services are providing many different discount/loyalty options in order to win the tug of war. It would be interesting to investigate how much merit does making the users to walk little more for them to earn the discount.

Other possibilities within food delivery.

Instead of only allowing users to share a courier from a one restaurant, providing different other restaurant options within the given logistics of every order would allow more freedoms for users to choose from and up-sell other restaurants.

Conduct more user interviews to solidify this concept of courier sharing.

This design exercise was done solely due to my curiosity and problems. With more user interviews and seeing into how others use delivery app will help solidifying this concept.

Thanks for taking your time to check out my project.

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