Motion studies


Things that I do with Cinema4D.


1. A short animation inspired by a typography poster  (work in progress)


Just like everyone, I like to take pictures of interesting things so I could look back on it or use it as a reference later on. April of 2017, I've encountered this beautiful poster and loved how the poster read. It was a plain typography poster, but I had a good experience while reading the text. There are so many variations for reading this poster. 

Thus, when I heard that I had to make a short typography animation for my final assignment for Digital 3D Design workshop taught by Saad Moosajee, I knew I was going to make something reference to this poster.




Quick test animation to visualize what kind of movement I wanted to make with texts from the poster




outcome 1. 


outcome 2.

This one works well because of the shadows created by each letters. It gives more dimension than the first iteration.


more works coming soon